So you Failed Jamb?

JAMB is probably the greatest obstacle to prospective undergraduates getting admission into Nigerian universities, some students fail woefully and why a number don’t but due to high competition in the admission process of their preferred institutions, they don’t get admitted because their scores are too low. The purpose of post-secondary school education be it in a university, polytechnic or college of education is to have better career opportunities. Well, were sorry that you failed or didn’t get a high enough score, we believe you put in your best effort but it wasn’t enough. What’s important now is how you respond to this, you could decide to spend the rest of your time till the next JAMB hanging out with friends or you can make the most of the opportunities, and we have a couple of ideas how:


The reason you study a course is to have a career in certain field. Interning gives you firsthand experience on what that field is about, it allows you to see the lifestyle of people in the field, work hours, etc. you probably didn’t have this exposure when you selected that course. On the other hand if you’re lucky, some organizations will pay and that’s extra pocket money for you. You can make use of stutern; it’s a platform that helps students find internships.

Take a Course:

So you can’t get into school this year but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. You need to keep that brain sharp and alert. There are a number of education resource centers, we recommend or you can make use of these platforms to take courses, some of which you could eventually take when you enter school and you would have forehand experience when you are taught in school.

Learn a Skill

Skill acquisition cannot be over emphasized in our generation, you need skills and this one year period could be a good time to acquire them, tailoring, shoe making, bead making, make up etc. as far as you keep busy. If mastered and managed properly these skills could be the spring board of your future business.

Really all we have in this world is time and we can either spend it or invest it, right now you’ve got a lot of spare time ahead, we suggest you invest it.