Should I Go to a Public or Private University?

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There’s always been this argument on which is better; a Public University or a Private university. Private university students claim their universities are better and public university students are always tring to talk down on private universities. To me it’s all relative and depends on the person involved. This article is just to do a Quick comparison of Public Universities (State and Federal) and Private Universities. This comparison is based on the following Criteria:

1. Tuition
2. Religious Affiliation
3. Accommodation
4. Student Population
5. Student Diversity
6. Rules and Regulations
7. Facilities


Money, people make a lot of things happen with money, little wonder why everyone wants to have money. Public universities are funded by either the state or the federal government, this allows for lower tuition compared to private universities. Except a state University like Edo state University which still has a high Tuition. The tuition of state and federal Government universities is low because the cost of running said universities is borne by the government, thus the tuition is subsidized. Private universities however do not receive funding from the government, they are funded by institutions or individuals and so can’t afford to subsidize their school fees. This is why Tuition of private universities is usually expensive. For this reasons private universities are predominantly filled with rich people’s children or people in the upper middle class of the economy. This is not to say there aren’t rich students in public universities.

Religious Affiliation:

Most private universities are affiliated to either Christian or Islam Religion, However some Universities have no Religious Affiliation and admits students irrespective of their religious background. Some university prospects are particular about their religion and would like to study in universities that promote such religions, However public universities have no religious Affiliation, and so if you aren’t particular about it you can go to a public university or a private university with no religious affiliation.ity or a private university with no religious affiliation.


Most private have accommodation on campus sufficient for all students. To be specific, most private universities make it compulsory for students to reside on campus. This isn’t the case with public universities, some public universities do not have enough accommodation facilities for all students so some students are forced to live off campus, and others purposely give students the choice to live wherever they want. University prospects who would rather not live on campus are could go to public universities where it is optional.

Student Population:

Public Universities have more students than private universities. A private university could have 7,000 students and public universities could have twice the population and some universities even three times the population. So it all depends on what you want. Do you want a university with plenty students or a university with few students? Because of their relatively small population private university students are like a family. Everyone knows almost everyone or someone that knows another person so there’s this feeling of togetherness in private universities.

Student Population:

When a student body is diverse it means it has students from different backgrounds, cultures, religions etc. More often a diverse student body is usually found in a large student body. Private universities have relatively small student bodies. Though those with no religious affiliation are diverse in terms of culture and religion. Those with a form of religious affiliation are only diverse in terms of culture. Public universities are generally extremely diverse. As they admit students irrespective of religious or cultural beliefs. Students also come from different age brackets unlike private universities.

Rules & Regulations:

Public Universities do not enforce rules as much as private universities. There is a lot of laxity in public universities; students and staff tend to do what they want often. This isn’t the case in private universities. The universities often sanction students and even staff that don’t comply with its rules and regulations. If you are the type of person that can’t comply with rules and regulations, it is advisable you go to a public University.


Public universities often have larger libraries and college buildings compared to private universities. They often occupy larger space (land) compared to private universities to meet up with their population. Most have standard hospitals etc.


Some private universities do not allow students to cook in their hostels, Students are expected to get their food from the cafeteria. Some allow students to cook only instant noodles. Some private universities also have a corporate dress code.

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