How to pick a course

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Seriously picking a course is hard, and stress for most people, that’s why more often than not students just pick courses their friend or family member picked or recommended. Couple of days ago I was speaking to a group of persons who confessed they didn’t know what they were getting into when the selected the course they studied in school. Most claimed their courses where forced on them and they just accepted. Can’t blame them really choosing yourself is hard. Some actually said they were satisfied with the course but didn’t make the most of it because they didn’t have their career path in mind and didn’t know what to pay attention to.

The thing is more often than not, your course of study should determine your career path, and well that’s not necessarily the case in Nigeria. But chances are it determines your career path, i.e. something you’re going to be doing for the next 20-30 years of your life yes? So it’s pretty important you pick a course that involves things you’re interested in. So ask yourself what you’re interested in for some persons this might be difficult, so you can do it this way identify what you’re not interested in and begin to narrow down career paths that meet those interests, having done this you can then find out what it takes to be set on that career path; what courses to take, what professional examinations need to be written etc. So you have a full picture of what you’re getting yourself into. Being able to identify the course that would increase your skillset and take you towards that dream career is very important. Some students select courses because of their potential career opportunities, it’s no news that graduates of certain courses earn more than some other graduates, some select course based on their academic strengths, they select a course because it’s relatively easy and doesn’t require stress, some select because it’s hard and they like the challenge.

Choosing a course to study in school is serious business and should not be taken lightly, ensure you do your research and seek counsel from those ahead of you. Good luck