Freshman Survial Toolkit

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Congratulations in advance on your admission into your choice university. Wow passing through JAMB you’ve made it this far pretty cool but Heads-up, university life isn’t necessarily about the bliss, the flexing and the glamor that we often hear about from our elder siblings, cousins uncles and aunties. It’s actually serious business especially for fresher’s. 100 level is a pretty important part of every undergraduate’s life, because more often than not how you handle the first year in school could determine your entire stay in school. We have a couple of things you should look out for.


The first major challenge you might face in school is the registration process, believe me it can be quite stressful. For a number of universities you must be ready to make a lot of photocopies and do a lot of running around, some persons it takes a month others about 2 weeks sometimes it’s all dependent on how determined you are to finish early and do your running around. The earlier you finish and settle down the better so you can focus on your primary reason in school; your academics.


Yeah like I said earlier, your primary assignment in school is your academics and it’s important to have good grades from 100 level a number of students struggle academically because they didn’t get it right in 100 level, some miss first class because their 100 level wasn’t so good. So it’s pretty important you get it right from the beginning. Pay attention in lectures, take notes, submit assignments promptly and ensure you prepare properly for classwork’s and tests. Don’t take things for granted.


You need to be careful and smart about your spending, but if you feel like you’re a rich kid and you want to be spending money frivolously.. Continue. But if you aren’t try and save your money. For some this is the first time you’re spending your own money. Make a monthly budget which includes a percentage of your allowance as savings. Keep your money in a bank, ensure you have an ATM and ensure you keep your ATM. its better this way because it’s easier to spend cash at hand but by putting it in a bank you’d be able to save better.


There are different associations in school, whether religious associations or departmental association, it really good because there are students like you who could advise you and guide you through the ropes of being in the university or in the course you’re studying. However don’t go and join too many associations, like we’ve said before, your academics is your primary reason for being in school and it is important that you don’t distract yourself with the demands of these associations.


Association is very important, you can’t be an island on your own especially in university. If you did that successfully in secondary school, well done but you need to drop that habit. It can be hard for introverts but suck it up you need to mix with people, your course mates, your roommates you can’t tell who will be useful to you at one point or the other throughout your stay in school. As much as we encourage you to make friends ensure you make good friends. Your friends can either take you up or bring you down. Don’t associate with persons who have no morals.

First year in school is really important, we hope you can make the most of it.