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Are Private Universities worth it in this Economy?

No doubt a large number of parents and guardians would be more comfortable with placing their wards in private universities for a number of reasons. Private Universities for starters don’t have strikes, riots, mean lecturers at least as much as public universities and these lecturers are focused on actually training their students. They also have a smaller student population and more often the universities enforce rules and regulations which to some extent curb indiscipline among students and reduces their exposure to night parties drug abuse, bad association theft etc.

The problem with private universities is that they are expensive, it is almost impossible to find a private university that students pay less than N200,000 as school fees based on our records (as at august 2016) Wellspring University should be the private university with the lowest school fees in Nigeria. So as much as parents say they want to send their children to good schools, for a number their pockets are saying otherwise.

Looking at Stutern’s 2016 Graduate Report we see that public universities have the highest return on investment in Nigeria, graduates of certain courses have higher employability chances than others and some private universities specialize in certain. Some private universities offer financial aid to individuals who can’t meet up with school fees and scholarships to new and returning students, though they don’t publicize these financial aid schemes so students don’t take advantage of them by claiming they don’t have enough money for fees when they do.

So the bottom line really either private university or public university, it all depends on the student to make the most of he’s or her years in university irrespective of the quality of education and campus life of the institution you find yourself in you have the responsibility to make the most of it. To parents and guardians it all depends on you and what you want for your child/ward and understanding fully what you want would answer the question if sending your child/ward to a private university is worth it.