What to do as a Fresh Graduate in Nigeria

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There is this joy you have when you’re graduating, finally!!!!!!! You’re done with school. Shopping for gradation begins, all those uncles and aunties are calling to ask for your account number. At this point you’re on top of the world, till adulting hits you and you compose yourself. Being a fresh graduate in Nigeria could be quite annoying, the worst is when you haven’t done NYSC. You know how people say the course you study doesn’t matter, well there’s some truth in that but generally you’d notice that your friends who graduated from certain courses start getting jobs before those from other courses.

A number of fresh graduates who are confident that their degree would help them land their dream job, now being done with school decide that before NYSC they could get busy and intern in a company. Then adulting and life came , sent about 50 job applications to different companies and didn’t get a response from any, some get angry and say to themselves “they didn’t have the courtesy of getting back to me”. Long story short they might end up helping mum manage her store, something they could easily have done without the degree.

Research shows that it is harder for graduates to find jobs in Nigeria, you don’t even have to research it’s something we can all see. More often than not persons get work that you don’t necessarily need a degree to be able to get in a normal world, and most times low salary. There has to be a solution and here’s what we think you should do.

Start looking for where to intern before graduation, some of you might have had an awesome SIWES experience or might have interned somewhere during school. Reach out to those organizations. Employers value experience, so when you’re asked at the interview what experience you have you won’t mumble something irrelevant. Yes the pay might not be so high but get the experience you need and move on.

Start a Blog, A number of employees these days ask candidates at interviews if they have a blog or if they write on medium. This is an attempt to try and get to you because everyone pretty much forms serious and intellectual on their CV and cover letter. This is an attempt to separate the wheat from the shaft. So Open a blog about what you’re passionate about and generate good content. Also your social media. Imagine for some bizarre reason your interviewer asks for your twitter or Instagram handle. Would you be able to give or show the person your profile?

Search the internet for job opportunities, Seriously in Nigeria twitter is doing a better job in recruiting than linked. Ask cousins, elder siblings, uncle’s aunties. For job opportunities, yes a number of persons get jobs through connections but a large number still get jobs through merit and competence, be encouraged