Tips for Job Interveiws

1. First Impression matters

Ever met someone for the first time that was so phenomenal that you were itching to meet him or her again and have a conversations? Yes, exactly that how you’re meant to leave people at the interview panel. Job interviews often aren’t about competence these days but more about who can sell themselves better, or those that can create the illusion that they are better than others. Yes skills are what the employers are looking for but if you can’t sell yourself chances are those skills won’t be visible. You also need to be well dressed. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, dressing corporately creates the impression that you’re a serious minded person and not just some man or woman on the street.

2. Prepare for the Interview

A couple of people have this “let’s see how it goes” mentality when it comes to Job interviews. Let’s paint it this way after submitting your CV to a couple of organizations, this particular company calls you for an interview, they are also offering about 100 other people that same position. So “let’s see how it goes” won’t get you the job. Don’t go in there with pre-calculated answers to questions. Listen to the interviewer and answer questions genuinely. Yes you might feel nervous but that’s okay as long as the interviewer doesn’t see it. Make sure you appear as confident as can be to the interviewer. Firm handshakes, eye contact, sit up straight etc. In preparation you can have a mock interview with a friend or someone you know, this often helps nervous people.

3. Ask Questions:

I particularly recommend this for people going into interviews with startups, as much as they are trying to find out if you’re competent to be an employee, you should also find out if the organization is a competent employers, Ask questions about their, rules, policies, try to figure out if they pay their staff well and on time etc.