Parents role amongst many others is to guide their children through their career path, as a parent you have access to more information and more experience as regards career development than your children. You’re their first mentor and their first counsellor, you’re most likely the one paying your children sees etc. Needless to say you have a lot of influence on their career development. We are aware children don’t come with a instruction manual or a road map, especially if it’s your first child you’re dealing, guiding him through his or her career can be quite tricky, not to worry we’ve been able to come up with a couple of tips that could be useful:

DON’T FORCE IT: Yes you’re the parents, yes you’re looking out for your child, yes you want the best for your child, yes you have more experience but please do not force a course or a career path on a child, chances are it would blow up in your face when the child starts struggling academically because he is not satisfied or interested in the course, or after finishing from the course the child rebels and decides to chase a totally different career path , and so many other scenarios. This children have their own interests, strength etc point them to courses or career paths where those strengths, talents and interests would be useful. You are your child’s first role model and chances are your approval means a lot to your child, instead of discouraging or talking down on a child because he chooses a career path that you as a parent aren’t particularly interested in or in support of him chasing, encourage and motivate the child. Find out how you can help and support your child in his or her career path, mentally, spiritually ad emotionally. This is so important, a number of young adults lack confidence because of their parents’ disapproval.

GET INVOLVED: Now that your children know they have your support, don’t just stand at a distance and watch them do their thing, get involved you as a parent has more experience and can help your children with the decisions they have to make, should they get a master’s degree or take professional exam? They need you to be able to answer these questions properly and make proper decisions. Career development is an interconnected series of decision making and it is really important parents help their children make optimal decisions. You should also encourage your introverted children to go and explore, meet persons with interests similar to theirs, get more information about jobs and different career opportunities, by doing so you are gradually encouraging your child to build a professional network. In the process of exploring yes chances are they could meet a couple of wrong persons or make wrong decisions. You as a parent needs to be vigilant to ensure this hardly happens