Getting a job is the first step keeping the Job is another step, in the last two years (2015-2017) there has been large scale lay off in different industries in the country. A number of persons have lost their Jobs, while it’s sad and all the thing is as bad as it is there are some who didn’t lose their jobs, their some who even got promoted. Do they have two heads? No they’ve successfully been able to add some level of value to the organization that the company finds it difficult to lose their services. To be relevant in your work place could mean your daily activities either mandatory or voluntarily directly contribute to the companies goals. Having the right skillset more often than not is one of the reasons you got employed in the first place, it makes sense to expand your those professional skills . You can learn these skills on your own or during your lunch break or during your personal time, once you’re pretty good in it, identify opportunities to practices these skills in the workplace.

You shouldn’t necessarily do this every single time so as to avoid taking up responsibilities that are not yours and overwork yourself in the process. It doesn’t have to be something outstanding all the time to be honest. It can be as simple as an unsolicited report on how your unit or your department can be more efficient, it depends on you really and the type of superiors you have in your organization. So be smart about what you’re doing. Take expanding your skill set as a form of investment, you’re not necessarily doing for the company but for yourself. Even if you are to leave the company, the skills you left would remain and can be used elsewhere probably even to start your own company.

You need to network, the importance of having a good professional network cannot be overemphasized. If it takes you too long to get what you want, your network is poor. You can’t be an island having good relationships within and outside the company in your field gives you access to experience, opportunities etc. Networking should be an everyday thing when you meet your co-workers, when you go and represent your company in an event etc. This is so important because you gradually get to know these persons, not just their professional skills but their value system etc. Remember your association can affect you positively or negatively. Have personal career goal, set SMART goals that make you strive to be better and more useful in your workplace. Identify opportunities in your office or workplace you can make changes and improvements and do just that. Chances are you’d be more relevant in your workplace.

You’re potentially the next boss, the next HOD, the next manager I suggest you start acting like one. Even without being given a definite position of some sort in your company or organization, it important to start developing the leader within, how you might ask, by simply doing what leaders do. Learn how to Communicate with your co-workers, don’t get involved in workplace gossip, learn to manage your team or unit; try and get everyone to see the big picture in your unit, set goals etc. These skills develop you as a person, anyways we are the “leaders” of our own lives.