How to Write Your Cv

CV’s are a form of personal advertisement whether it’s when your applying directly to an organization of even if it’s your uncle or aunt that’s trying to help you bag a job offer, They’d always ask for your CV. Your cv is what your employers see before they see you in person, More often people with poorly written CV have very slim chances of being invited to interviews. Whether it’s for an internship program or for a job offer after graduation a well-crafted CV increases your chance of getting your dream job. This article I aimed at helping you know the dos and don’ts of CV writing.

CV don’t necessarily have to be long especially for students and fresh graduates, though experts in different fields can have 5 page long CVs not because they feel like writing but because they have a lot of certifications and experience to capture in their CV. For a student or fresh graduate we advise that your CV be no longer than 2 pages. It’s important to be brief in highlighting your skills and prior experiences in during your university years etc. Please not that you are advised to identify those skills that are relevant to the Job.


• When crafting a CV make sure it’s crafted with the company in mind, this is to ensure that only relevant information useful to the company or that sells you better to the company is on your cv. It doesn’t make sense to submit a CV containing your skills in agriculture to a bank.
• Quite similar to the above it is important that the CV is being crafted with the job role in mind. Craft a CV that would increase your chances of being employed into that particular job role. I subject you research on the job role and see what skills you have that meet the roles needs.
• Your CV has to be neat and well organized both digitally and in hardcopy. You don’t want to have a poorly arranged CV, trust me it turns employers off and if printed you CV must not be dirty because if it is, chances are the Hr. won’t even look at it.
• You’re applying to get hired right? Well then I suggest you have your contact information on every page of your CV (recall for fresh graduates and students we advised not more than two pages).
• You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there are a lot of sample Cv’s across the internet you can check them out and use them as guidelines in constructing your CV.


• Well basically we don’t advise people to have long CV’s.
• Yeah money is important but try not to overemphasize on your salary expectations
We believe by following these tips you’d have a great CV