How to pick a career

Career selection is a decision everyone has to make at one point in their lives, some decide to be entrepreneurs, and others go into the workforce. Generally speaking it can be a quite tasking decision because chances are the career you choose is what you might be doing for the next let’s say 20 years and you don’t want to be stuck doing what you don’t like. Unlike most countries career development in Nigeria doesn’t have a laid down process maybe because interests change or individuals discovered themselves later during school. There are scenarios of individuals who study biochemistry chasing a career in computer science etc. Bottom line is that it’s important to choose a career you love. We thought it best to write this article to help individuals who are finding it hard to choose a career path.

1. Do you Understand Yourself?

This is so important if you’re going to be doing something for probably about 10 – 20 years of your life id be best to do something you love Some people have a clear understanding of things they are passionate about others well, not so much, ot because they are unserious or anything just because they have so many dreams and aspirations that its really difficult for them to decide which path to follow. Met somebody once who wanted to be a footballer, a pastor, a comedian and a lawyer all at once. So if you’re the type of person with broad aspirations then you aren’t alone. Passion is one thing, Skill is another, I think its important to identify what skills we have and which of our aspirations meets our skill set most. We feel that’s a good starting point in narrowing down which career path to begin to follow. When trying to identify your skill, you could ask from friends and family about your strength ad weaknesses, you could also take a personality test on the internet to see what type of careers match your personality. Take for example generally speaking introverts would like to have quite roles that involves minimal interactions with others, they often make good researchers, managers etc. Extroverts on the other hand makes awesome sales reps etc.

2. Are you innovative?

Generally there are two type of people those who are focused on creating products being creative and promoting their products while there are those who are all about planning and making the most of an already established company or idea, The people maximize profits, draw plans etc. So I think it’s just to figure out where you belong. Some persons have an abstract though process, they have a knack for identifying problems in the society and preferring solutions to those problems. Some people on the other hand are the exact opposite? They play by the rules, they are all about managing and analysis and thoroughness. innovative persons have better chances with startups where their abstract though process is needed.

3. How do you want to live your life?

This is very important very career cuts into two primary things, your time and your finances, some careers take a lot of your time with minimal pay while others don’t. However it’s important to know that you shouldn’t necessarily make decisions based on the experiences of junior workers in a career path or organization because these roles often have minimal pay and take a lot of your time, chances are if you put I a lot of effort you’d climb the organization ladder soon enough. But even at the peak of your career you need to ask yourself certain questions like, do I want to have time for my children? Do I want to travel a loti suggest you answer such questions genuinely and select a career path that meets what you want closest.