Career development and planning isn’t straightforward, so you shouldn’t be too rigid about your career plans, yes it’s important to be focused have goals and make up your mind to achieve them, but sometimes in life if you’re too rigid you tend to miss out on a couple of things. Take your career path as an adventure, when you’re on an adventure you try new things, you explore, you’re somewhat inquisitive. That’s how your career path should be. Truth be told as you move along your career you get more information and experience than you had at the point you choose to take on that career path, sometimes the information you get would point you towards another career path entirely. It’s up to you to decide to stick you your current path or make a switch. We believe there is no blue print to career development, because a person follows a certain path doesn’t necessarily make that path “law” for you achieving your career goals.

There are a lot of changes that happen in the world and sometimes it only makes sense to follow the trend, take for example 20 years ago there were no smart phones, with the arrival of smart phones came more career opportunities like, android developers, IOS developers etc. Someone who was on a career path prior as a desktop developer could easily take advantage and learn Mobile development before that industry becomes saturated. Also our interests change sometimes because you were interested in Forensic Accounting upon graduation from university and decided to chase a master’s degree in that line, doesn’t mean once you’re done with your masters you would still be interested, maybe it didn’t turn out to be what you expected it to be, that doesn’t mean you must chase a career as a forensic accountant. Our interest change and the world changes it not a crime to go with the “trend” sometimes.

Above all you need to be happy with your job, be happy with what you do, don’t just jump at the job with the highest pay and spend the rest of your time at that job being miserable because you don’t like it there, or you’re not interested in what they do. Pick a job or a career path that works with you, that works with your family, one that you are comfortable with and you can be the best version of yourself.