Choose Your Career First

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You’ve probably seen us write a couple of times how a survey showed your chances of finishing university is critically liked to you being satisfied with the university you are studying, Yes this is still very true but more important than the university is your career, the reason we get educated is to have a career, The more education we acquire is to boost our chances of a better career/future in a certain field, so in essence the end game is the career. University Education is in a sense a means to an end. Well for most people really.

In a normal setting the course you study should determine your career path, this isn’t necessarily the case in Nigeria for a number of reasons, some as a result of available opportunities, others because a number of persons didn’t necessarily know what they were getting into when they selected their course of study, Many don’t have enough facts when choosing a course and choosing what field in that course to pursue a career in. Why study biochemistry and end of chasing a career in programming or study accounting in end up chasing a career in agriculture, there are a lot of career switches among young graduates and this shouldn’t be the norm. A number of undergraduates are struggling academically as a result of studying courses they aren’t interested in and don’t meet their academic strengths.

For many Nigerians, its choose a university, more often than not the university an elder sibling or cousin went to , see available courses then choose a course. At the point of choosing a course most time the child’s future career path isn’t put into consideration. This is the reason why we built a university search and a course selector, we believe a university and academic program should be tailored to the individual inn the student.

The reason a number of graduates are clueless upon graduation and end up searching for any job they can get is because there was no destination, no end game in the first place. Having a destination or end game would help students know what courses to pay attention to in school, what professional exams to begin to gather resources to prepare for etc.

The purpose of the article is quite simple have a destination before choosing a course or a university, don’t just register blindly. The saying that the course you study doesn’t matter isn’t necessarily correct. The fact is directly or indirectly except you decide to be an entrepreneur or you have ways to get good job placement the course you study more often than not determines your career path to some degree.