Masters, Entrepreneurship or Job hunt?

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The excitement of graduation; finally you’re done with school, there is almost no greater feeling in the world. first buzz kill, After graduation more often than not graduates tend to wait a couple of months at home, some during this period are just enjoying themselves (Partying, hangouts etc), some search for jobs and internships around, a number become entrepreneurial and some just decide to learn a skill or take a professional examinations. Then the inevitable NYSC where we go and spend the next 12 months serving the father land, students pretty much do either of the above stated also during their NYSC period.

Then you get home and every uncle, aunt, family friend etc start asking you “so what next?”. Yes a number would have figured out what exactly they want to do with themselves career wise but let’s face it the hard truth is the vast majority of students have no plan. So you might be asked “Are you going for masters?” or “What companies have you applied to?”

As regards masters the question is when and where; when as in are you ready, where as in where do you want to do it. Some individuals decide to do their masters in Nigeria while others go out of the country. With the current exchange rate (as at May 2017) it is more difficult for parents/guardians to send their children/wards out of the country. So it depends on you really if you’re the person or your course is the type where you need the certificate fine go ahead and do your master’s degree. For some courses or individuals who are just about the knowledge honestly. Coursera has good courses where you can get the training you are looking for. You could save yourself a decent amount of cash. For others a master’s degree isn’t the main thing, it’s just passing a certificate exam. A number of career paths don’t necessarily need a master’s degree but require a lot of certifications. Decide on your career path and find out what you actually need.

So you like to take risks? Well that a common denominator of entrepreneurship, the ability to identify gaps in the society, to change lives, to help people and well of course make yourself some money in the process. Well entrepreneurship can be quite tasking, it’s not as easy most make it seem. Please note that being an entrepreneur doesn’t make you better than salary earners and vice versa. So back to the point here, you need to be able to identify problems and gaps in the society, some of you might have heard this over and over again that it’s become cliché but that’s just what it’s all about. There is no lack of drive for entrepreneurship in Nigeria and in almost every field you will have competitors; get ready for that. You would make plans that would work perfectly and plans that won’t go as you thought it would go be encouraged. Innovation, Patience and perseverance are key tools used by every successful entrepreneur. Funding? A number of organizations and banks provide grants for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas.

However, if you decide you don’t want to go for masters and you don’t want to set up a business or become an entrepreneur, you pretty much have only one more option and that is to search for a job. With large scale unemployment in Nigeria getting a job is quite competitive. You need to go with you’re “A game”, starting with your CV, Cover letter or resume. They need to be well structured (peng), a number of persons these day make use of infographic CV’s you can search on google to find sample. You also need to present yourself well during interviews, remember an interview is a dialogue as much as the company is trying to find out if you are worth being employed (and we recommend this for those applying to start ups) skillfully find out if the company is worth working in. before you find yourself in an organization that doesn’t pay staff, doesn’t respect your time and religious belief etc.

Chances are the career path you choose is the path you are going to be on for the next 10-20 years form most people so it’s important to make informed decisions on what exactly you want to do after NYSC. If you aren’t sure what exactly to do research or take internships in organizations in the meantime.