Career Advice

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Start Your Career in School

Career development in Nigeria starts primarily when and individual is in university or any tertiary institution, the person could have been taking baby steps prior but gets serious in university.

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How to Pick a Career

One decision everyone makes at one point of his or her life is choosing a career, This can be quite difficult and confusing as there are so many careers and so many options, so many upsides and downsides.

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Tips for Job Interveiws

After submitting your CV to a bunch of companies, You finally get called for an interveiw. Aceing this interveiw is reallyy important to you because you obviously need the job. We've outlined some tips that could be useful to you.

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How to Write Your CV

Cv's are a form of personal advertisement, It gives people a platform to sell themeselves to employers. Giving them reasons why you should be hired. The purpose of this article is to help students write good Cv's so as to get their dream job or internship.

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Masters, Entrepreneurship or Job hunt?

The excitement of graduation; finally you�re done with school, there is almost no greater feeling in the world. first buzz kill, After graduation more often than not graduates tend to wait a couple of months at home.

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